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In 1989 after deciding to leave employment with a large company Alan's Micro Based Information Services was started.  The Engineering division started to produce components in metal for model railways using computer aided design (CAD) software to produce artwork mainly for chemically etching sheet metal. 

As one of the founders of the Eastwell layout (c1972) - the established Eastwell Iron Works corrugated iron product dating from 1975 was integrated into the range and developed into a series of products. 

These web pages outline the products, research undertaken and the background to the AMBIS_Engineering components.  The range was produced to fill in apparent gaps in the current market, although it appears quite diverse there are many products waiting to be bought to the market which will eventually fill gaps within the range. 

The range we have categorised into the following groups:- 

Model railway operation
Coupling rolling stock
Railway trackwork details
Rolling stock components
Motive power components

It is normal practice for scale related products to be introduced for 1:76.2 scale, some have been scaled up to 1:43.5 and a few items have been specifically developed for other scales, such as the small Settle & Carlisle Railway station components at 1:152 scale. 

The 7mm scale items are only available through Hobby Holidays

AMBIS is open to produce items by commission with the usual provision that the product can be added into the standard range. 

Most component products require a degree of skill and tools to assemble.  Some also anticipate a small supply of other parts such as wire, rods or tubes which can usually be found in a "scrap box". 

We have no intention of creating an online ordering system as keeping a real time record of stock levels is with our technology not technically possible. Particularly with the "scarce" products you need to ask about availability as inevitably with an expanding range some items will go "out of stock" for some time. Restocking will occur only when an opportunity arises. 

Alan Austin 

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