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First created July 2011 prior to relocation 

Updates to products and prices - September 2011 

Updates to products and prices - 17 February 2012 

Full error checking and corrections - 20-21 February 2012 

Revisions and additional pictures and price list update - 7 May 2012 

August added web site linking to 

Revised price list and new product announcement - 1 November 2012 

Price list update - 13 February 2013 

Updates to price list and other pages including further error corrections - 18 April 2013 

May 2013 updates - following a catastrophic local event May updates run late, limited changes made to web site 

Small changes made - 22 May 2013 

Site refreshed September 2013 after recovery/reconstruction of source files 

Price list revision and some editing of background pages- 5 September 2013

Added links in Scenery section to downloadable documents - 1 October 2013

Error corrections to Point Rodding and Wires Documents - 4 November 2013

Added test site area - 4 January 2014

Power cut disrupted updates of  price list and product updates 12 February 2014

New product notes and price list correction updates 10 April 2014

Amended exhibition dates and added News section to introduction 23 June 2014

Small amendments made 11 September 2014

Further Updates 29 September 2014

Corrected introduction page error, updated price list and started adding The Story of Eastwell 12 January 2015

Added information leaflet 26 March 2015

Revised price list and additional product details - 16 March 2015

Update to latest products page - 24 September 2015

Updates to product list and availability of products 8 December 2015

Further spelling corrections and information about the Eastwell layouts added - 19 January 2016

Changes to windows and doors information and etched plates list, price list updated with latest products - 19 September 2016

Modified the contact information - exhibition attendances, updated the latest product news for December introductions and corrected broken links  - 9 December 2016

Prepared for a basic change of web site subject to the delivery of new products due by 14 December.

Installed changes to web site following the delivery of new products on 16th December. Added Gallery section and removed product information to a new page and confirmed attendance at CMRA exhibition Stevenage. The updated price list and corrected errors on various pages.

Updates to price list, error corrections and latest product changes - 12 January 2017

Direction corrections and added two images of new products - 10 February 2017

Added document to "Downloads & Details" page - 1 March 2017

Further documents added to Downloads and price list and latest products updated - 23 March 2017

Update of Latest Products page - 5 May 2017.

Updated price list, edited some gallery photographs and the Latest Product page - 10 May 2017

Revised price list (v.7.0) to reduce identified errors in listing - 21 May 2017

Latest product details and errors to Downloads & Details page corrected - 16 July 2017

Tidied up Introduction page and other defective links - 22 August 2017

Small changes in text and updating of product class information - 24 August 2017

Added product information files - 28 August 2017

Price List updated to current situation - 22 September 2017

Added prototype notes and photographs - 28 October 2017

Added latest product news and updated push rod information sheet - 11 December 2017

Added note on Johnson tender side etches in latest information page - 5 January 2018

Added new price list and details about the level crossing components - 9 January 2018

Corrected broken links -16 January 2018

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