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Coupling Issues, CC-3 notes (added 15/5/2015) 

Coupling Hooks diagram (updated 22/2/2012) 

AJAid Product Information (added 28/8/2017)
   AJAid v2 for wagons
   AJAid for Bogies
   AJAid Minifit Version

Corrugated Iron Product details (updated 5/9/2013)

Details about Gears etches (added 5/9/2013)

Iron Ore tippler prototype information (c.2000)and underframe kits (added 14/2/2013)

Information about brake push rod etches

Wagon Vees - Standard RCH type (revived 16/7/2017)

The lever frame and Interlocking products

Point Actuating & Locking Movement Notes (PALM) (added 10/4/2014)

The etched plates list (updated 19/9/2016) 

Mainframe Kits

Locomotive parts information (added 15/5/2014)

Windows and Doors details - Dimensions - all parts (updated 28/8/2017)
Drawings of windows for planning purposes
             Part 1 - Railway Buildings
             Part 2 - Station Buildings
             Part 3 - Settle & Carlisle Railway Buildings
             Part 4 - Factories & Other buildings

Ground Frame Cabin Notes (LS01)    (added 12/1/2015)

Level Crossing components (added 8/1/2018)

Research on MR signal boxes (added 1/3/2017)

   Axleguard details 

Axleguards with inside bearing options (AX3/9/10 and LWBO series) for 4mm:1 ft scale (added 14/9/2012)

Sliding Axleboxes in 7mm Scale

Brake lever guards - some details

   Brake Levers 

Point construction components

Stretcher bar (Mk3) and stretcher rod construction - now superceeded by Mk.4 (added 14/9/2012)

Flat Stretcher bar (Mk4) notes (scanned image - added 26/3/2015)

Trackwork Point Rodding & Wire components (added 7/5/2012 Updated 5/9/2013, updated 15/5/2014)

          Part One - Prototypes
          Part Two - Assembly Notes
          Part Three - Component Details

Crossing assembly jigs (added 23/3/2017)

Hand Levers Notes (added 10/4/2014)

Shackles Diagram

Current Product Prices (8th January 2018)

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