Eastwell Ironstone Company
- the early years 

An assembly of the industrial engines by the shed on the Crusher plant baseboard.  The atmosphere was aided by a smoker exhausting themself from under the baseboard. 

A general view of the crusher plant after a small extension was added to the end to create a small quarry. One the fiddle yard no longer needed to turn and became longer this extension improved the general appearance of this part of the layout.  Unfortunately the tub wagons carrying ore into the crusher were never finished to enable this part of the operation to be modelled. 

The curves used were very tight - around 15inches radius. This is no problem for short wheelbase stock with small overhangs - even in EM and with 3 link couplings.  The larger 0-6-0Ts were not able to work into the quarries - just like the real thing! 

colour5to10 photo18

Below is a poor quality montage captured from a super8 video. 

The most iconic scene of any industrial railway was captured one night with the aid of a smoker sitting under the baseboard.

When EIC was divorced from Eastwell a new off stage fiddle yard was needed.  This was a small sector plate hidden by a dense copse of trees.