This is a name that could be associated with any of the guises that this model has been exhibited. 


Eastwell was last exhibited at the Mid Essex MRC Show 2001 as just a station but had some 70 other public appearances between 1973 and 1984 usually changing between exhibitions.  As the layout grew from 16 feet long to a 20 * 20 "F" shape the logistics of exhibiting it became more difficult for smaller clubs and a small scale offshoot the Eastwell Ironstone Company layout was born around 1984.  This was based upon the "Crusher Plant" scene which was used to mask the storage sidings and returned the layout to a 16 feet long format.  In 1989 this moved to Hereford and became part of a blue diesel era British Rail layout.  Eastwell Ironstone Company as a layout was also expanded to about the same size as the Eastwell branch layout would have been.  It was exhibited on numerous occasions up to 2007 and has recently been in storage. 

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